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Multi-Lane Flap Barrier

Category:Flap Barriers

Material : 1.2/1.0mm SUS304 ,
Size : 1400*280*950mm,
Sensor pairs : 6 pairs,
Pass rate : 35p/m .

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Technical Specifications

  • Material : 1.2/1.0mm SUS304
  • Size : 1400*280*950mm
  • Sensor pairs : 6 pairs
  • Pass rate : 35p/m
  • Pass width : 550mm
  • Input voltage : 100V~240V
  • Motor type : DC brushless motor
  • Environment : -20~+70℃
  • Power supply : 24V 150W
  • Net weight : 60kg
  • IP Rating : 56
  • MCBF : 5 Million


  • 1.Reasonable and reliable design, low noise, smooth operation and long service life;
  • 2.With function of opening doors automatically under power-off state to meet the need of fire-fighting passage;
  • 3.With functions of anti-tail, anti-reverse pass and so on;
  • 4.Card can be set "with memory" or "without memory" functions;
  • 5.With automatic reset function, i.e. after having access to the gate, the gate automatically restores to the locked state if not pass within the time set;
  • 6.With infrared anti-clip function (anti-clip when gate is open or running);
  • 7.Compatible with IC, ID card, scanning and face recognition, etc.
  • 8.Two modes of operation are available: open or closed.
  • 9.Various working modes are available, including two-way card reading and one-way card reading, etc.