What is Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology?

Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology is a type of electronic article surveillance (EAS) system that is used to prevent shoplifting in retail stores. The system works by using a combination of magnetic and acoustic (sound) energy to detect the presence of security tags that are attached to merchandise. One of the main advantages of eSSL's AM technology is its high level of sensitivity. It can detect security tags from a distance of several meters, making it an effective deterrent for shoplifters. Additionally, eSSL's AM systems are relatively inexpensive to install and maintain, making them a cost-effective solution for retailers.

The AM system consists of three main components: a transmitter, a receiver, and security tags. The transmitter emits a high-frequency electromagnetic field that is picked up by the security tags. When a security tag enters the electromagnetic field, it causes the tag to emit a specific acoustic frequency that is picked up by the receiver. If the acoustic frequency matches the one programmed into the receiver, the system sounds an alarm to alert store personnel of a possible theft attempt.

eSSL's AM technology is also very versatile and can be used in a variety of retail environments, including department stores, supermarkets, and specialty shops. It can be used to protect a wide range of merchandise, including clothing, electronics, and jewelry. Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology applied to anti-shoplifting systems is the latest and most innovative one on the market by eSSL.