Product Highlights


Full Height Turnstile - Double Door


Material - SUS304 ,
Size - 2200*1500*2200mm,
Unlock time - 0.2s,
Pass rate - 30p/m .

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Technical Specifications

  • Material - SUS304
  • Size - 2200*1500*2200mm
  • Unlock time - 0.2s
  • Pass rate - 30p/m
  • Pass width - 650mm
  • Input voltage - 100V~240V
  • Driving voltage - 24V
  • Environment - -15~+55℃
  • Power – 30W
  • Input signal - Dry contact


  • • Stable and reliable mechanical locking device, precise movement and turntable combination structure with special technology;
  • • With two-way traffic function, the brake lever steering is divided into two-way and one-way;
  • • With the function of power-off and opening, in case of emergency, the cross shaft rotation shaft is switched from locked to free passage mode, and pedestrians can pass quickly to meet the requirements of the fire protection passage;
  • • After the pedestrian reads the valid card, if the system does not pass within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the pedestrian's access permission;
  • • Install a two-way arrow indicator to indicate the passing status, whether passing or not;
  • • There is a DIP switch on the control panel, which can adjust the pass delay time through an algorithm, and can also be adjusted to a memory mode, for example: swiping a valid card five times and passing five people;
  • • Anti-reverse device function prevents the rotating unit from rotating in the opposite direction to the original direction