What are Flap Barriers?

Flap Barriers offers security at the EXIT & ENTRY points of Factories, Metro Stations, Airports, Offices, Colleges, GYM/CLUBS etc., to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the premises. Allows one person to pass at a time and are used to control the ENTRY and EXIT of designated areas and are known for their faster access control. Flap barriers are available in single lane and multi lanes.

The Flap barrier mechanism has the feature that the wings can automatically open and close. Once the person swipes the card or shows his face in face reader the barrier gets opened, after the signal received by the access, the flap barrier automatically closes after a few seconds. The opening and closing of the wings is very fast and timed, thus allowing the person to easily check in and check out. This makes foot traffic smoother and accessing the space efficient. There are no mechanical wear and no noise. Flap barrier is designed using DC Motor and highly reliable IR Sensors to make it safe.