Metal Detector - D9006

If you're looking for a reliable metal detector, our product boasts impressive specifications that will meet your needs. The vertical dimensions of our detector are 2230 x 920 x 440 mm, with a vertical aisle dimension of 2000 x 715 mm. Despite its size, it's lightweight at only 40 Kg with a gross weight of 45 Kg. It operates on AC90V ~ 240V 50/60Hz, consuming only 20 W of power. With an operating frequency range of 1-50 bands, it can detect ferrous metals with a sensitivity of 30g or more. Our metal detector is designed to work in extreme temperatures ranging from -20˚ C to 65˚ C, making it suitable for a range of environments.

For installation, the detector requires an area of (W)100 x (L)200 cm, with a metal-free minimum range for sheet transverse. It's important to note that our product can only detect ferrous metals, and not gold or silver. Our metal detector is a high-quality, efficient, and reliable product that will meet all your metal detection needs.

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Vertical dimension: 2230 x 920 x 440 mm,
Vertical aisle dimension: 2000 x 715 mm,
Net weight: 40 Kg ,
Gross weight: 45 Kg,
Operating voltage: AC90V ~ 240V 50/60Hz.

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Technical Specifications

  • Vertical dimension: 2230 x 920 x 440 mm
  • Vertical aisle dimension: 2000 x 715 mm
  • Net weight: 40 Kg
  • Gross weight: 45 Kg
  • Operating voltage: AC90V ~ 240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 20 W
  • Operating frequency range: 1-50 bands
  • Working environmental temperature: -20˚ C ~ 65˚ C
  • Installation environment (in cm): (W)100 x (L)200 (Metal-free minimum range) Sheet transverse
  • Regional detect metal precision range : Maximum sensitivity ≥ 30g metal
  • Only ferrous metals can be detected, no gold and silver detection