eSSL offers you CONTACTLESS BIOMETRIC SOLUTION to keep track of Employees attendance. Contactless method rendered by Face Recognition Technology provides a SAFE, SPEED and RELIABLE solution. A facial recognition attendance system incorporates facial recognition technology to recognize and verify an employee's facial features and to record attendance automatically. Facial based attendance management system are used by the employees, staff or workers in various industries like Automobile industries, manufacturing industries, Software development companies, Small Offices , School Colleges and Malls. eSSL Biometric face recognition attendance system verify user’s face in less than 1 Sec.

The Facial Recognition attendance system delivers accurate data with minimal human intervention and can reduce activities like buddy punching with security features such as anti-spoofing, which is designed to detect and prevent attempts to bypass the system using photographs or masks, one of the most common forms of employee time theft.

Cost Effective attendance management solution with High-speed Facial Recognition and its ability to handle a large number of users, making it suitable for use in large organizations with many employees or residents.