What are Door Controllers?

MULTI DOOR ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Ensuring the safety of employees and controlling the movement of people with a predefined protocol is a must nowadays. eSSL brings you the latest door access control system –2 Door Controllers and 4 Door Controllers. Every user access can be controlled door wise, time-wise, Anti Pass Back, interlocking, linkage and integration of fire panels can also be enabled for critical zones. You decide who, where, and when can access your organization. Small sleek RFID/FINGERPRINT readers are fitted on each door along with an EM lock.

One controller can control up to 4 doors and up to 3000 – 30000 users. For more doors, multiple controllers can be installed. eSSL Access software generates Door wise & User wise reports. Multi-door access control systems are installed in manufacturing units, factories, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, university campuses, government or public buildings etc., where different levels of access control are required for multiple doors.