What are Turnstiles and use of it?

The eSSL turnstiles are a range of security gates designed to control access to a building or area. They are equipped with a variety of features to enhance security, including biometric scanners, RFID readers, and facial recognition technology. The turnstiles are available in a variety of styles, including full-height, waist-height, and tripod turnstiles, to suit different requirements. They are made of durable materials, including stainless steel and tempered glass, and are built to withstand heavy use.

The eSSL turnstiles are easy to use and can be integrated with a variety of access control systems, such as card readers and biometric scanners, to enhance security. They are also equipped with a variety of features to make them user-friendly, such as voice prompts, LED displays, and emergency break-glass buttons.

The eSSL turnstiles are suitable for use in a variety of settings, including office buildings, airports, stadiums, and schools. They are reliable, durable, and provide a high level of security to help keep people and assets safe.