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Product Highlights

-- High Safety
-- High Reading Rate
-- High Chip Sensitivity
-- Flexible Storage Structure


Ultra High Frequency Tag
  Working Frequency 860~928MHz
  Reading Distance Up to 10 meters for UHF1-10E and UHF1-10F (Determined by the environment and reader)
  Protocol ISO18000-6C
  Memory Capacity 800 bits
  Chip UID    64 bytes
  Storage Structure EPC: 96 bits; TID: 96 bits; User : 512 bits; Password: 64 bits
  Data Storage 5 years ( Only for chip )
  Working Temperature -30℃ ~ 55℃
  Storage Temperature  -10℃ ~ 40℃
  Storage Humidity 40%-50% RH
  Dimension 85mm*54mm*0.8mm( error±0.06mm )
  Packaging Process Hot Laminating
  Typical Applications •  Other Special Management
•  Near-range Non-contact Identification
•  Data Informatization Intelligent System Application


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