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Bolt locks are recommended for high security interior door and cabinet applications where electromagnetic locks are not required. Bolt locks include long life solenoid driven direct throw mortise bolts. Compatible with virtually any access control system, electromechanical Bolt locks are available in fail safe and fail secure modes. The stainless steel bolt projects at right angles to the lock mechanism. Bolt locks security is greater and installation in old or new construction is fast, easy and economical.


Glass Thickness 9-15 mm
Dimension 90 X 51 X 25.5 mm
Material Aluminium
Finishing Anodized finish
  Suitable for glass thickness: 9-15mm 
  Dimensions: 90mm x 51mm x 25.5mm (L*W*D) 
  Construction: stainless steel plate 
  Anodized finish 
U1096 Manual


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