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Product Highlights

MT 100 is a fingerprint and RFID card Device, specialized for standalone time and attendance. The portable feature and long battery life makes it perfect for off-site time management. While tracking time and attendance (labour costs accurately, it helps increase in managing a mobile workforce on remote sites.

Technical Specification
Storage Capacity Fingerprint Templates                1,200
  Card Capacity 3,000
  Log Capacity 50,000
Sensor Fingerprint Sensor Infrared Auto-sleep Optical Sensor
  Fingerprint Algorithm Finger VX10.0
Communication Communication USB Client
  Built-in RF Card Reader 125KHz Proximity Card
Power & Environment Battery 2,000mA Lithium Battery
  Operating Temperature 10oC
  Dimensiona(LxWxD) 162 x 52 x 46mm
  Ingression Protection Rate IP65
Features - 1.44” color LCD display
  - Fingerprint authentication, accurate and convenient and effectively stop"buddy Punching"
  - IP65 rated water resistance & dustproof
  - Low Power Consumption, Standby 7 days
  - specialized for standalone time and attendance
  - Dedicated Time and Attendance Software For System
    Configuration, Data Collection and making reports
MT100 Catalogue
MT-100 Connection Diagram


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