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GD-808 Fingerprint Glass Door lock even lets you operate it with remote control. This lock can be used on both single and double open doors made of metal, wood or glass.
GD-808 : Glass Door Fingerprint Password Lock
Electronic System Parameters Input                4 X 1.5 AA 1 group
  Static State ≤60 μA
  Battery Life Continuous opening ≥8000 times
  Low power alarm ≤ 4.8V ± 0.2V
  Working Temperature -25°C to 65°C
  Relative Humidity 5% to 95%
  Atmospheric Pressure 86kPa-106kPa
Password User Password Combination 8 digits
  Password Capacity 30 group user password
  Password Protection Automatically gets locked upon entering wrong password 3 times continuously
  Vague input Password Can add 12 digit irrelevant password before correct password
Accessibility Function Chinese & English exchange Integrated chip for convenient Chinese & English voice switch
  Fingerprint Checks every fingerprint position
  Card Can add upto 10 cards
  Alarm Low power, Illegal opening, Fake alarm
Fingerprint Anti-static electricity capacity ≤ ± 15kV
  Fingerprint sensor Semi-conductor
  Fingerprint Collection Area 15 mm X 19 mm
  Resolution Ratio 508 dpi
  Angle Identification 360°
  Fingerprint capacity 95 user fingerprints + 5 administrator fingerprints
  Comparison mode 1:N
  Verification comparison time Maximum 3s (fingerprint collection, testing, lock signal output time combination)
  FRR 1%
  FAR 0.001%
Lock body parameter Left & Right exchange function Universal lock body
  Size (in mm) 240 X 96 X 24
  Middle Hole Distance (in mm) 60 X 68
  Material SUS 304 + depends
  Front plate dimensions (in mm) 196 X 76 X 41
  Back plate dimensions (in mm) 196 X 76 X 41
Executive Standard GA394 2019
  GA701 2007
  GB21556 2008
  GA73 1994
Power Supply Working Current ≤250 mA
  Supply Power 5V power bank
GD-808 Catalogue


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