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Product Highlights

 Zones Six
Temperature 20˚C ~ 65˚C
Operating Frequency Range 1-50 Bands
Vertical Dimension (in mm) 2157 x 812 x 349
Packing Dimension (in mm) 2295 x 400 x 200
D2406 - Metal Detector (only ferrous metals, no gold and silver detection)
Specifications Zones: Six 
  Vertical Dimension (in mm) 2157 x 812 x 349
  Vertical Aisle Dimension (in mm): 2011 x 716 x 349
  Packing Dimension (in mm): 2295 x 400 x 200
  Net Weight: 25 KG
  Gross Weight: 30 kg
  Operating Voltage: AC90V ~ 240V 50/60Hz
  Power Consumption: 12W
  Operating Frequency Range: 1-50 Bands
  Temperature: -20˚C ~ 65˚C
  Installation Environment (in cm): (W)100 x (L)200 (metal-free minimum range) Sheet Transverse Regional Detect Metal Precision Range Maximum
  Sensitivity: ≥50g Metal
  Each zone sensitivity: 0-255 adjustable


D2406 - Metal Detector Catalogue


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